WP Plugins

This page is a home for plugins that I create for WordPress. "WordPress is a state-of-the-art semantic personal publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability." Basically, it is blogging software, but with the huge variety of plugins available, it can be much, much more.

My plugins are distributed under GNU General Public License. To install, download the source file and install into your wp-content/plugins directory. Remember to change the extension to .php


WordPress allows you to store an excerpt of each post that you can use in many ways. On my personal site, I use the excerpt on all of the pages outside the blog itself. However, if I forgot to manually set an excerpt, that section would be blank on the other pages. In order to prevent this, I created this plugin to automatically put the first 50 characters of a post into the excerpt if the excerpt field was blank.

Download Auto-Excerpt Here (1.4k PHP source)


This one is just for fun. This plugin is a function to create pseudo-latin dates for your posts. It replaces the_time() within the Loop in your theme and outputs a date such as July 7, 2003 as "VII Julius mensis MMIII".

Download Romanify Here (2.4k PHP source)

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